The weather is hot, people can't wait to stay in the air-conditioned room


The weather is hot, people can't wait to stay in the ai […]

The weather is hot, people can't wait to stay in the air-conditioned room every day, but the people who live in the house can't avoid going to work, going to school, going out. So, what kind of clothes are the coolest in summer?

The material is best to choose cotton and linen bonding fabric. From the material of the clothes, cotton, hemp, silk and other natural fibers are the best choice for summer dressing. The thinner the fabric, the lighter the clothes and the cooler the dress. In addition, some fabrics made of man-made fiber fabrics, such as modal fiber, Tencel, bamboo fiber, etc., are also relatively cool.

1. Silk: skin-friendly and UV-resistant. Among the many materials, silk is the lightest and has the best skin-friendly properties. It is a summer fabric suitable for everyone. Ultraviolet rays are the most important external factor causing skin aging. Silk absorbs ultraviolet rays from the sun and protects human skin from UV rays.

2. Pure cotton: absorbs sweat comfortably and cost-effectively. Cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity, can absorb sweat, has good ventilation effect, makes skin fresh, and has excellent cooling function. The cotton material is very soft and comfortable, without any irritation or side effects on the skin, and the feeling of wearing it is also relatively cool.

3. Pure linen: durable and breathable. Because of its loose molecular structure, light texture and large pores, the linen garment is very breathable and absorbent, and durable and comfortable.

4. Chemical fiber: easy to induce allergies and dermatitis. In the summer, many beautiful clothes are made of chemical fiber fabrics. Although they are lighter and thinner, they are poor in water absorption and air permeability. It is difficult for the skin to dissipate heat through sweat evaporation. Therefore, the clothes worn in such fabrics in summer are not cool. At the same time, excessive retention of sweat will also cause skin secretions to be spoiled and fermented. In addition, the chemical components such as ammonia and methanol mixed in the production process of synthetic fibers are more irritating to the skin, and thus it is easy to induce allergies and various dermatitis.

The color of the style is also very particular. If you want to wear comfortable and cool, you should also consider the "sucking" and "blasting" effect of the clothes. The clothes should be loose, especially the openings such as collars, sleeves and trousers, etc., such as dresses, flare skirts, etc., wear them. It will be cooler.