Rejection of occupational disease laptop stand


Today, because of the work needs, we usually use the po […]

Today, because of the work needs, we usually use the portable notebooks for a long time, and over time, various occupational diseases such as cervical spondylosis and frozen shoulder occur among the young workers. So, the question came, how should we use or set a laptop to prevent the onset of these occupational diseases? The emergence of the portable laptop stand certainly gave a very good answer.

Recently, the portable ballpoint pen on the crowdfunding platform landed Kickstarter for fundraising work, and as soon as it surfaced, the pen gained the support of many Internet users: So far, the number of support staff has reached 5613 and successfully completed financing of $ 475,000. Aim. Let's take a look at why portable laptops are so popular.

According to designer James Olander, he hopes to design a work to improve the way people use their laptops today, let people adopt a stooping posture to avoid more cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, Roost says Stand portable pen holder was created.

In addition, the height of the stand after stacking the laptop can also be set in a range of 15.2 to 28 centimeters. This allows users to work in the most comfortable position to cope with long hours. It is understood that the most suitable height is the user's eyes and the notebook screen to maintain the head-to-head condition so that users can say goodbye to the stooping posture.

Not only that, the notebook rips, but also to avoid the worst situation through the cup. Although the use of this mount requires the use of an external keyboard and mouse, they can be damaged by water, but in the damaged laptop and keyboard damage, I think in your heart already the answer.

Although it looks easy, portable laptop stand with excellent stability, its special structure design does not allow the notebook computer to shake in the process of falling, to ensure the safe use of the device. It should be noted that the thickness of the front of the notebook body can not exceed 1.9 cm, otherwise there is a situation where the hull can not be fixed.

Currently, the amount of financing for laptop tables has reached 540,137 US dollars, the crowdfunding price of 49 US dollars. Designer James Olander said he would start shipping in October if there was no accident.