Computer Monitor Stand Rescue your cervical cast


PURCHASE INFORMATION: As an office worker the situation […]


As an office worker the situation with many computers. Due to the low display height, it is also very strenuous to use, unknowingly, the bow has become the norm. And when the bow takes up most of the working time, quietly various occupational diseases enter your body. Sitting in front of the computer every day, neck and neck complaints are actually more serious than expected. How can we solve the problem of bowing? A good computer support can actually get it!

Computer monitor holder, is a family of happy stars. It simply adjusts the display to an ergonomic, comfortable position to ease eye discomfort, neck and back pain. Universal rotation, free to share the screen, do not take books to paddle high computer screen height, inventory computer stand, to help you to clean the desktop, saving desk space. Whether it's a meeting, a home office, or multiple computers, with the Computer Monitor Stand you can easily fix bugs.

Display of the front and back tilt -85 ° / 60 °, left and right tilt -90 ° / +90 °, 360 ° rotation, the universal desktop rotation to unlock the horizontal screen. All you need to do is adjust the angle of the computer through the bracket, you can adjust to a variety of seating positions without rotating the screen. Total support can be rotated 360 degrees at three junctions: monitor connection head, contra-angles, bottom bracket connections to meet the multi-display needs of the display.

This fully fledged computer stand with damping adjustment can be adjusted by the damping setting to different weights of the display. Clockwise setting Reduced attenuation Turning counterclockwise for brighter displays Increase the attenuation for heavier displays. Lifting telescopic stand, compression spring arm design, levitating, you can move the position you want to stop, no tools need to be repaired.

When the computer uses this parenthesis, the host is on the desk, no matter where it sits. With a weight limit of 19.8 pounds, the hanging monitor can be used to hang rear LCD / LCD TVs with VESA (100x100mm and 75x75mm) rear holes up to a maximum height of 23.5 "at arm height and desk height 18.5 ".

Whether it is office workers or student parties, often the view of the computer screen is obscured. Save your cervical spine and start with Inventands monitor stand!