How to choose the TV bracket type?


When you want to choose a suitable TV stand, first deci […]

When you want to choose a suitable TV stand, first decide what type you want - interactive, cantilever, adjustable or fixed type. Then, depending on the size of your TV, choose a small, medium, large or very large stand.
Floor type
When your TV sets need to be moved or displayed in different places, our floor-mounted multimedia mobile cart is your best bet. More suitable for some engineering workstations and multimedia, touch screen one machine solutions.
Interactive television stand gives you a higher level of LCD MONITOR ARM viewing experience, that is, in addition to the function of the cantilever also added a feature ----- Gently touch the TV can be adjusted up and down the height.
Cantilever type
The most flexible TV stand that allows your TV to move back and forth against the wall, tilt, pan or swing the swing arm for viewing on a variety of occasions.
Adjustable type
This is a good bet when you're going to put a television on top, or tilt the TV to avoid reflective glare.
Fixed type
If your viewing area is fixed, no additional adjustment is required and it will be the easiest way to mount your television to the wall.