The meaning of the weighing base


We usually monitor the base less attention, more to con […]

We usually monitor the base less attention, more to consider their aesthetic needs. The larger and larger the screen becomes, the heavier and heavier the screen body becomes, in front of the apparently stable base the application crumbles on the new large screen display. In order to ensure the stability of the monitor on the desk, therefore, the choice of the basis in the selection of a monitor is of particular importance.

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For the shape of the base every big brand is different. Now popular are rectangular, circular, curved and V-shaped. This part and the desktop fit, in design is also the first consideration of the display focus, in general, the closer the center of gravity of the entire machine to the center of the base, the more stable. The column and show the back of the compound claw design and quality in terms of desktop vibration, the monitor is stable.

Large-screen monitor, column design stable stability is better, and the monitor is connected back to the claw, the larger the mating surface, the better, the tighter and better. So, everyone in the purchase of the monitor, do not blindly pay attention to the artistic base, because it is the stability of the design is the mission.

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