How to prevent cervical spondylosis office workers


In the past, cervical spondylosis is frequented by peop […]

In the past, cervical spondylosis is frequented by people over the age of 40, but now 20 to 30-year-old cervical spondylosis everywhere, and even students actually have cervical spondylosis quite simply:! Desk for a long time, the pressure they did not like more exercise, so the presence of cervical cancer too soon.

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When we sit on the computer next to read the file, the hand is how to put? Must be disconnected from the mouse in one hand, a hand on the keyboard it still does not move in this position, people have become stiff.

In fact, we can try computer support base, it can freely adjust the angle, height, front and back. Let the monitor adapt to us instead of allowing the body to adapt to the monitor. In this way, we will be able to change attitude freely, get up and even use a computer. At this point, the cervix pressure naturally gets smaller. The whole human body also increases the amount of exercise, sedentary no longer have to worry about unwanted effects on the body.

Thus, the base of the computer in life or matter, at least it works out of the state in a quiet, was turned to be movable, so that our body does not work, when put in a long forgotten time, forget sports.

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