The seemingly simple white "arm" can flexibly turn


The seemingly simple white "arm" can flexibly turn the […]

The seemingly simple white "arm" can flexibly turn the "wrist" according to computer instructions to complete a variety of complex and fine movements. At the "China International Industry Fair·Industrial Automation Exhibition" held here, the vertical multi-joint robot series exhibited by Taiwan-funded enterprise Delta Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. attracted many viewers' attention.

"'Intelligent Manufacturing' is not about mass production, but whether it can be customized according to different needs of customers. Robots are often the key to achieving intelligent production." Delta's electronic product manager Jiang Zhenmin said that the new product line can quickly integrate Taiwan. Automated automation components to create a streamlined, highly integrated robotic workstation that meets the needs of customization.

Including Delta Electronics, a total of four Taiwan-funded enterprises with the "Taiwan Excellence" logo appeared in this year's Industry Fair. These well-known enterprises have become the epitome of mainland Taiwan enterprises aiming at "smart manufacturing" and seeking transformation and upgrading.

Attracted by the huge market resources and low-cost labor of the mainland, Taiwan's large-scale manufacturing enterprises have “landed” for decades and laid out in relatively developed areas such as the eastern coastal areas.

With the transformation of the mainland's economicChina CPU HOLDER Suppliers growth pattern and the disappearance of the demographic dividend in recent years, Taiwan-funded enterprises have also begun to face transformation problems.

“Either change places or change products.” Zhang Zhishen, chief representative of the Shanghai Representative Office of the Taiwan Trade Center, said that for Taiwan enterprises, the overall relocation means huge costs, and the level of transformation has become the mainstream of transformation through intelligent improvement of standards and benefits.

The four Taiwanese boutique manufacturers who appeared at the Industry Fair are undoubtedly examples of Taiwanese companies looking for "transitional passwords" from "intelligence".

The wafer robot arm brought by the company has 100% self-made key components, high repeatability and small radius of gyration. It can be widely used in semiconductor, optoelectronic, LED and other industries.

Daming Robot Co., Ltd. focuses on the hot artificial intelligence technology. The built-in visual collaboration robot with intelligent visual positioning and high elasticity deployment is smart, simple and safe.

At the same time as the self-transformation of intelligent manufacturing, the mainland Taiwan enterprises have begun to use their technological advantages to assist the mainland enterprises to transform intelligently.