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Jiaxing Jinmao Aluminum Co.,Ltd. is neighboring Shanghai and Hangzhou cities, enjoying convenient transportation and superior location, a professional Monitor Arm Hanging LCD Monitor Stands Manufacturers and Monitor Arm Hanging LCD Monitor Stands Suppliers in China. Our main product is contain LCD monitor arm,keyboard tray, desktop sit/stand,other office accessories and wholesale DESKTOP SITSTAND. We have strong technical capabilities and complete inspection means, With reliable product quality, we focus on technological improvement and our products are praised by users. Our aim is to provide the market and the customers with customized solutions, Whatever a single product or complete sets of equipment. We are sincerely looking forward to your cooperation with us for a better tomorrow!
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Industry knowledge about this item

An LCD computer monitor arm hanging is a device that is used to hold and position a computer monitor or other display screen. It is typically made of metal or another durable material and is mounted to a desk or other surface using a clamp or bolt. The arm allows the user to adjust the position of the monitor in a variety of ways, including raising or lowering the height, tilting the angle, and rotating the screen from landscape to portrait orientation.
LCD computer monitor arm hangings are often used in offices, home workspaces, and other environments where multiple monitors are not needed or space is limited. They can help to free up desk space, reduce eye strain, and improve ergonomics by allowing the user to adjust the position of the monitor to a more comfortable viewing angle. Some monitor arms may also have features such as cable management systems or built-in USB ports to help keep the workspace organized and efficient.
Monitor arm hangings are typically adjustable, allowing the user to easily change the position of the monitor to meet their needs. They may also be fixed in place, providing a stable and secure base for the monitor.

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