Classic monitor arm for up to 11kgs Manufacturers

Classic monitor arm for up to 11kgs

Classic monitor arm for up to 11kgs

1. Easy to use,free space,more efficiency health work style, comfort to relieve eye neck and strain .

2. Available in three calibrations to accommodate monitors weighing
4.4 - 8.8lbs , 8.9 - 20lbs , 20 - 33 lbs

3. Total height adjustment range of 19.7” , with a maximum height of 18” above the tabletop (measurement at center of monitor)

4. Built-in cable clips 360 degree swivel 21" extension

5. VESA 75mm or VESA 100mm compatible

6. Accommodates monitors 18" - 28"

7. Integral cable management neatly stores cables

8. Available Mounting Options: C - Clamp, Grommet, Wall, Other

9. Material : High quality aluminum

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Our Monitor Arm offers intuitive, easy-to-adjust support for your LCD monitors with a sleek design and black finish, all at a great price. A fingertip-adjustable pneumatic gas cylinder integrated into the arm provides consistent resistance, allowing you to "float" your display above your desk at an optimal viewing height and angle without the need for knobs or set screws.When not in use, Our Monitor Armseasily fold flat while integral wire management clips minimize clutter, allowing you to quickly clear up valuable desk space and making it the perfect companion to the desk.


Advantages :

1: Save space ,save time and Each arm is fully and independently adjustable for a more customizable workspace .Monitors move easily from portrait to landscape,and any jaunty angle in between .

2: Customisable add -ons include clamp ,bolt -through ,universal slatwall ,and wall stud mounting options ,as well as an optional notebook holders .


Note :

Our  Monitor Arm is available in two weight ranges. Using a display that is too light or too heavy for the arm will keep the arm from maintaining its position once set.

600NK: for monitors weighing between 8.9-  20lbs

1200NK: for monitors weighing between 20- 33 lbs .

Can accept customization

Can make your own color according your color card

Finish Options:

silver standard, Black and white upon request



2 years gas cylinder, all other parts limited lifetime

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