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Jiaxing Jinmao Aluminum Co.,Ltd. is neighboring Shanghai and Hangzhou cities, enjoying convenient transportation and superior location, a professional Adjustable Computer Monitor Arms Suppliers and LCD single monitor arms factory in China. Our main product is contain LCD monitor arm,keyboard tray, desktop sit/stand,other office accessories and wholesale DESKTOP SITSTAND. We have strong technical capabilities and complete inspection means, With reliable product quality, we focus on technological improvement and our products are praised by users. Our aim is to provide the market and the customers with customized solutions, Whatever a single product or complete sets of equipment. We are sincerely looking forward to your cooperation with us for a better tomorrow!
  • Assembly and advantages of LCD monitor stand

    A liquid crystal display bracket is composed of a fixed panel assembly, a forearm assembly, a rear arm assembly, a support assembly and a clamp base. The front arm assembly is hing...

  • How to install the computer monitor stand

    1. No arm support. This kind of TV stand is similar, but much smaller. Part of it is installed on the wall and needs to be drilled with an air drill, and then fixed with rubber plu...

  • Is the computer monitor base important?

    When buying a computer monitor, most of our attention is on the size of the screen, what material screen, etc., but we ignore the base that supports the monitor, and pay very littl...

  • What are the applications of universal bearings?

    What is the use of a computer stand? We should be very clear that in order to facilitate the adjustment of the position of the computer display, the universal support for electroni...

  • What should I do if the monitor base is unstable?

    Display shaking is mainly determined by the material and properties of the display base. In order to reduce manufacturing costs and beautify the appearance, stability can only be s...

  • How to buy LCD monitor stand professionally?

    The 21st century is an information age. Computers have become a part of work and life, and their convenience cannot be replaced by ordinary electronic products. But if we face the ...

  • How to choose a computer stand?

    After purchasing an LCD monitor bracket, a good stand base is definitely not good, so how do we correctly choose a high-quality and suitable LCD stand base? LCD monitor stand base,...

  • What is the use of the monitor stand?

    1What is the use of the monitor stand? According to the habit of ordinary people using computers or watching TV, the display device always exists as an immobile fixed individual. T...

Industry knowledge about this item

LCD single monitor arms are devices that are used to hold and position a single computer monitor or other display screens. They are typically made of metal or another durable material and are mounted to a desk or other surface using a clamp or bolt. The arm allows the user to adjust the position of the monitor in a variety of ways, including raising or lowering the height, tilting the angle, and rotating the screen from landscape to portrait orientation.
LCD single monitor arms are often used in offices, home workspaces, and other environments where multiple monitors are not needed or space is limited. They can help to free up desk space, reduce eye strain, and improve ergonomics by allowing the user to adjust the position of the monitor to a more comfortable viewing angle. Some monitor arms may also have features such as cable management systems or built-in USB ports to help keep the workspace organized and efficient.

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