Face recognition is one of the hottest technologies

Update:Aug 25,2020
Summary:Face recognition is one of the hottest technologies in the wave of artificial intelligence. At prese...

Face recognition is one of the hottest technologies in the wave of artificial intelligence. At present, it is going out of the laboratory on a large scale, and has entered various industries, which has facilitated life, reduced costs and improved efficiency, and has gradually become a "standard" in people's daily lives.

Questions and concerns have followed: video capture devices that use “brush face” technology are becoming more and more popular, will they pose a threat to people’s privacy? Will the widespread application of artificial intelligence bring about new discrimination and injustice, and challenge the existing moral order of mankind? This edition launched a series of reports today, focusing on the development of face recognition technology, and exploring the impact and thinking of the artificial intelligence wave on technology ethics.


Into a restaurant, even if there is no mobile phone and wallet, after the order, you can complete the payment by “brushing your face”; entering a bank without a bank card or ID card, you can also withdraw money by “brushing your face”... Have you ever experienced it?

Nowadays, from attendance and shopping, to flying, staying at hotels, and even adopting pensions... It is no longer a joke to eat by "face". Behind this is the face recognition technology that has been in existence for decades. It is currently going out of the laboratory on a large scale and entering daily life.

More and more fields can be done by "face"

In the current wave of artificial intelligence, face recognition technology is one of the earliest technologies to apply. Its application scene is increasingly rich, and constantly refreshing people's imagination.

For example, "brush face" unlocking has become the standard for more and more smartphones. In the field of security monitoring, the “brush face” technology can monitor people in crowded places such as banks, airports, shopping malls, etc., to achieve automatic identification and tracking of specific people. Since the beginning of this year, Shenzhen and other places have launched electronic police enforcement, and through the "brush face" to identify pedestrians, non-motor vehicles, red light violations, greatly improving efficiency.

In the financial sector, “brushing face” payments have become a reality. Pre-lending review, identity authentication and other services are also being covered. Through face recognition, banks can quickly check the identification information, and users can withdraw money without a bank card.

In the field of travel, Baidu and China Southern's "face-finding" boarding project based on face recognition has landed at Jiangying Airport in Nanyang, Henan. The face gate allows passengers to directly "brush face" to fly in seconds. Authentication. Peking University is trying to apply the “brush face” system to the campus security system. The first set of “brush face” gates has been put into operation.

Retailers in the field, Ali, Jingdong and so on have tried water unmanned supermarkets, face recognition technology has been applied in the shopping, settlement, not only can help offline stores quickly capture user information to provide personalized services, consumer experience It is also an upgrade.

In the medical field, the face recognition registration system makes it impossible for the traffickers to intervene. The “brushing face” medical insurance payment can save the queuing time and make the smart medical service process more smooth. This year, 10 hospitals in Wenzhou have activated the face recognition pre-filling system, and it is possible to “brush face” and intelligent consultation.

In the field of government service, “shaping government affairs” not only reduces the suffering of ordinary people, but also makes the list of government services “one time without running” more convenient. Ant Financial Services cooperated with government departments in more than 40 cities to open a “brushing face” to handle taxes, enquiries on provident fund, certification pension eligibility, and traffic violation online payment and other services.

In the field of public welfare, “face-to-face search” helps to find lost old people and children, so that the way home is no longer out of reach. In July of this year, Sichuan Xichang Rescue Station used this technology to send 7 detainees to go home for reunion.

The number of users covered by "brush face" technology is also rising rapidly. “Only in the Alipay platform, there are already 200 million users who have logged in to the account, retrieved passwords, risk checks, etc.” ant Jinfu CTO Cheng Li said: “The face is gradually replacing the password.”

Along with this is the rapid growth of the industry. According to data from Ai Media Consulting, the size of China's computer vision market in 2017 was 6.8 billion yuan. It is estimated that the market size will reach 78 billion yuan in 2020, with an average annual compound growth rate of 125.5%.

Rapid application development, technology, talent, capital, and policy drive are indispensable

Why has the application of face recognition technology showed rapid development in China in recent years?

In the industry's view, in addition to the fundamental reasons for technology-driven, there are many factors that work together. "If you compare it to a carriage, talent advantage, technology-driven, capital assistance, policy support, etc. are like wheels, which is driving the carriage to run faster and more stable," said Zhang Yi, founder and CEO of Ai Media.

According to Shen Hui, dean of Shangtang Science and Technology Engineering Institute, in terms of “brushing face” technology, China is currently in the forefront of application landing, and the underlying technology is accelerating. Recently, the "China Artificial Intelligence Development Report 2018" released by the China Science and Technology Policy Research Center of Tsinghua University shows that China has become the country with the largest number of artificial intelligence patents in the world, with the number leading the United States and Japan.

China has paid attention to the tradition of science and engineering education for many years, and has also laid a good talent foundation for the combination of artificial intelligence technology and various industries. Shen said.

The richness of the application scenario and the high demand for the industry are also an important reason. “China has been developing rapidly in the past few decades, and all walks of life have a strong demand for improving quality and efficiency.” Shen Hui said, “This demand gives us many opportunities to make face recognition technology more The industry is coming."

"The rich application requirements of the scene, the channel for the enterprise to reach and the strong market value; the storage of massive data and the worldwide proposition also give the technology enterprise and technology developers a wide platform." Lin Chenxi said.

Capital investment is also an important force. In addition to Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and other Internet giants, many vertical companies continue to gain capital attention.

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