How to buy LCD monitor stand professionally?

Update:20 Feb 2021

The 21st century is an information age. Computers have […]

The 21st century is an information age. Computers have become a part of work and life, and their convenience cannot be replaced by ordinary electronic products. But if we face the computer for a long time, it will bring some "occupational diseases". In order to alleviate this phenomenon, many users have installed LCD monitor brackets, so how do we choose LCD monitor brackets? Different occupations have different types of choices. The merchants have listed several for us, as follows:

How to buy LCD monitor stand professionally

First, how does the programmer choose the LCD monitor stand

For programmers, securities finance practitioners, e-commerce customer service, and network editors, the frequency of using computers at work is very high, and multi-window operation is often required. The general display screen needs to switch windows frequently, which will reduce the overall work efficiency. If this group of people chooses the LCD monitor stand, not only can the phenomenon of multiple windows work at the same time, but also the horizontal and vertical screen switching adjustment, which will naturally improve work efficiency. Next.

Second, how do white-collar workers choose LCD monitor brackets

For white-collar or executive leaders of some companies, laptops are the most commonly used for business trips and meetings. Laptops are favored because of their small size and portability, but these advantages often become their disadvantages. People who use laptops for a long time are prone to cervical spondylosis. Therefore, when you don’t need to go out to work, try to choose an ergonomic LCD monitor bracket and adjust the LCD monitor bracket to a suitable height; or use a dual-screen LCD monitor bracket to extend the notebook to a larger monitor screen to protect it The user's eyesight can also improve work efficiency.

 How do game masters and entertainment enthusiasts choose LCD monitor brackets

For entertainment and gaming experts, long-term gaming, chatting, and watching videos can easily cause muscle fatigue and cause lumbar and cervical spine diseases. Playing games is to relieve the pressure of life. We must not make playing games a burden. How to choose LCD monitor bracket for these special groups? The LCD monitor bracket should be fashionable in appearance, high in practicality, and good in overall performance. , The cost performance must also meet the requirements.

There are many types of LCD brackets, and different types of brackets are suitable for different groups of people. Users who don't know how to choose can refer to the points of Dinglong LCD bracket merchants to help you integrate.More about:monitor arm desk mount Manufacturers