How to choosing a monitor stand for your home office?

Update:29 Jul 2021

A monitor stand is a specialised tool, designed to faci […]

A monitor stand is a specialised tool, designed to facilitate your body and eyes while you're working at your computer. It's stated that the correct monitor height is where the centre of the screen is at least 5-7cm above the eye level; in addition to this, you should be sitting at a desk or table with a horizontal surface that's comfortable for you. With a monitor stand, you'll be able to adjust the angle of your monitor effortlessly whilst it's in use. It can also help improve your posture, allowing you to sit at a more comfortable height. Many people choose to use these types of stands for gaming consoles as well as for computers.

There are several different types of monitor stands available, one of which is a gas spring arm. The design of a gas spring arm is sleek, with a sturdy metal casing and an adjustable hydraulic arm. The hydraulic arm allows users to adjust the vertical viewing angle and the horizontal (horizontal) angle, which can be adjusted either manually or automatically. Some gas spring arms can even tilt the monitor up and down, whilst others can adjust the vertical viewing angle in a fixed position. Regardless of which type of mechanism is used, a gas spring arm is designed to be sturdy and reliable, which means it should be easy to use and sturdy enough to support your body.

Mounts for monitors are often more complex than simply mounting the monitor itself. Monitors often have a number of different connections to other devices, such as a printer, speakers and so forth, which can all require their own separate mounts. If you're buying a monitor stand made from good quality materials, then it should be possible to purchase mounts that are detachable. These stands allow for easier and more effective cable management, which will mean less clutter in your office.

Other important factors to consider when purchasing a monitor stand are the adjustment abilities and the viewing angle of the stand. There are a variety of monitor stands available with various levels of adjustability, which allow users to adjust the monitor to suit their needs. Some are fully height adjustable, allowing you to adjust the monitor's screen and the base to suit your height and sitting posture. Others offer far more adjustability, with features such as swivel bases and hidden feet for those long days when you don't want people to know you're standing at the desk. Some also have built in stands with a swivel base that can be moved around, allowing you to adjust to any position to suit your working environment.

As well as the monitor stand itself, many desks include a range of other accessories. These include mouse pads, which allow you to easily and comfortably mouse around your computer monitor screen. There are also monitor arm hanging lcd monitor stand available with keyboard trays, which give you a sturdy surface on which to rest your keyboard, mouse and other frequently used accessories. These keyboard trays often come with both the letter and number keys, making it possible to type without having to take your eye away from the computer monitor screen. Additionally, there are mouse pads with extended mouse buttons, which allow you to reach high areas on the screen, or to scroll through windows or menus.

One of the most important considerations when buying a monitor stand for your home office is comfort. Be sure to choose a stand that provides a comfortable height for you to use. Also ensure that the monitor screen can be viewed clearly and that it provides a comfortable angle. If you frequently work on your laptop computer at a relatively high height then opt for a stand that allows for a comfortable height, as this will reduce the amount of times you may need to rest your elbows on the desk while working. Finally, be sure that the stand you purchase offers you a stable, sturdy base that is designed to prevent your computer monitor from tipping over.