How to make a computer stand?

Update:27 May 2021

With the increasing development of the technology indus […]

With the increasing development of the technology industry and the rapid development of electronic technology and multimedia information, electronic devices such as computers, wholesale monitor arm hanging lcd monitor stand, tablet computers, and mobile devices have been ubiquitous in all corners of society. Due to the popularization of computers, people have become more and more familiar with computers. The more and more dependent, the notebook computer is equipped with a screen and a keyboard at the same time, and its small size is convenient for users to move to different places for paper data processing, briefing instructions, audio and video playback and other purposes.
Although the screen of the notebook computer can be adjusted to the viewing angle suitable for the user, sometimes due to the different places of use and usage habits, the user still hopes to use a set of brackets to help change the placement of the notebook computer and increase the user's use. The convenience of keyboard input; or use the bracket to increase the distance between the notebook computer and the place to improve the heat dissipation effect; or use the notebook computer on different devices with the assistance of the bracket. Of course, the stent volume should not be too large, and it should be easy to store in order to carry it out. However, how to solve the above-mentioned common problems and deficiencies is a topic that the creators engaged in this industry are eager to study and improve.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned purpose, the present utility model includes:
A bearing unit having a placement surface, a partial area of ​​the placement surface is recessed to form a storage space, and the bearing unit has a first side and a second side that are positioned oppositely;
An extension unit adjacent to the second side of the carrying unit, the extension unit is additionally provided with a plurality of guide rails extending into the carrying unit, so that the extension unit can adjust the distance between the extension unit and the carrying unit, and the extension unit is provided with at least A stopper, the stopper will stand on the extension unit after being pulled up by the user;
A rotating support unit, pivotally connected to the first side of the carrying unit, can be stored in the storage space or erected to protrude from the first side after being turned over, and the rotating support unit is additionally installed with a first side at a position opposite to each other. A clamping piece and a second clamping piece, the first clamping piece and the second clamping piece can be moved in the same or opposite directions, and then clamped on both sides of the screen of the notebook computer.