How to make a laptop stand by yourself?

Update:18 Jun 2021

Every time I use the notebook for a long time, I always […]

Every time I use the notebook for a long time, I always maintain a posture, my shoulder hurts, and the heat dissipation is not good for a long time, so I made a simple stand by myself.
Take the box of pure milk as an example
First cut the four wings with scissors to form an uncovered box. Then the two long pieces of paper in the box can be used to hold the computer. Cut them along a diagonal line, leaving one part as a baffle. It doesn’t need to be too long, but it must have.

The oblique cuts on both sides of the box as the paper to support the computer must be symmetrical. If it is not possible, modify it little by little in the later stage. If it is parallel and symmetrical, it will ensure that the computer will not shake when it is placed on laptop-tray.
Put it on the computer and try it. If it doesn’t work, modify it again. According to experience, (I tried several times), try to make the surface as smooth as possible. Otherwise, cut your hands and make it uncomfortable. , Otherwise I can't hold.
to sum up:
1. Prepare a carton that is shorter than the computer and cut it diagonally from the side.

2. Cut and pave symmetrically on both sides.

3. Cut off the two wings on one side of the ground and fold down to make a crease.

4. If the carton is thick, stroke it a few times until it can be folded to the bevel.

5. Then fix the folded paper roll with tape.

6. You can freely adjust the inclination of the upper part with scissors, which is easy to use for personal measurement!