Dual-screen bracket improves designer work efficiency

Update:Apr 01,2021
Summary:In the eyes of many laymen, the profession of designer will be labeled with glamorous labels such as...

In the eyes of many laymen, the profession of designer will be labeled with glamorous labels such as "cool", "personality" and "tall", but in fact, only the designer babies know how hard it is.

According to the 2017 National E-commerce Designer Data Report, more than 52% of designers work overtime every day. Behind those beautiful design works, designers stayed up all night with coffee and bitter tea. What is the reason behind the designer working so frequently overtime? In addition to Party A's sometimes unconstrained requirements, there is also a big sticking point-efficiency.

Due to the particularity of the designer's profession, designers often need to design some exaggerated pictures. However, due to the limitation of screen size, they can only frequently zoom in and out the window to compare the details and the whole. Invisible time will be consumed and affect the work. effectiveness. Professional characteristics make designers have a strong demand for dual-screen office. At this time, the dual-screen display bracket can solve the urgent need for designers. The dual-screen monitor stand can support the simultaneous division of labor and use of two monitors without frequent window switching, which greatly improves work efficiency. Not only that, the dual-screen display stand is an ergonomic stand design that can freely adjust the height of the display that best suits you, care for the health of the designer’s cervical spine, and help relieve visual fatigue caused by long hours of work. If multi-line browsing is required, the dual-screen display stand can also be converted to vertical screen browsing mode. A variety of combination modes, just to better help designers work. In addition to the above-mentioned functions, the dual-screen monitor stand only needs one base to support the dual-screen vision, liberating the tedious desktop space and making the working environment more concise.

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