How to choose a dual monitor desk mount

Update:Jun 09,2022
Summary:A dual monitor desk mount is a great way to save desk space and still leave enough room for other of...
A dual monitor desk mount is a great way to save desk space and still leave enough room for other office accessories. These mounts are convenient because they include cable management clips and can attach to desktops up to 3.5 inches thick. Integrated cable management makes it easy to run cables from your monitors through the arm and out of sight. There is no need to deal with messy cables any longer. These mounts come with all the hardware you need to install your monitors.
Among the main advantages of dual monitor desk arms is that they are easy to assemble and don't require a hole in the wall. However, you should be sure to secure the mounts to your desk securely. Desk clamps and grommets are usually used to do this. The arms should adjust to the thickness of your desk and table and provide adequate cable management. Regardless of which dual monitor desk mount you choose, make sure it meets your specifications before buying.
When choosing a dual monitor stand, you should consider the size of your screens, the type of base, and other special features. The most basic models are free-standing, while others are clamped or grommet-based. While the latter is more stable, free-standing stands can be more flexible, whereas the clamps and grommets require a minimum thickness.
The dual monitor desk mount is a great option if you have multiple monitors at your desk. Dual monitors are convenient to use and can easily be adjusted to suit your workspace. There are also some freestanding models that consolidate the two monitors into one base. 

Adjustable  Computer Monitor Mount for Single LCD Flat Screen

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