What are the performance characteristics of single monitor arm

Update:Jan 14,2023
Summary:A single monitor arm is a mount that is used to hold and position a single computer monitor. They co...
A single monitor arm is a mount that is used to hold and position a single computer monitor. They come with a variety of features that make them well-suited for different types of monitors and uses. Some common features include:
Adjustability: Many single monitor arms have adjustable height, tilt, and swivel, which allows the user to position the monitor in the most comfortable and ergonomic position.
Durability: Single monitor arms are typically made of durable materials that can withstand regular use and support the weight of the monitor.
Cable management: Some single monitor arms come with cable management features, which can help to organize and hide cables, giving a clean look to the workstation.
Clamp or bolt-through mount: Some single monitor arms can be mounted using a clamp or bolt-through mount, which can be chosen based on the thickness of the desk.
Easy installation: Many single monitor arms are designed to be easy to install, which can make the process quicker and less complicated.
Ergonomic design: Single monitor arms can come with an ergonomic design that can help reduce the strain on the user's neck, shoulders, and eyes.
Compatibility: Single monitor arms can be compatible with different types of monitors, from LCD to LED or OLED.
Weight capacity: Single monitor arms have a weight capacity that can vary based on the model, it can hold monitors from a few pounds up to 25-30lbs.

Adjustable  Computer Monitor Mount for Single LCD Flat Screen

1. Easy to use,free space,more efficiency health work style, comfort to relieve eye neck and strain .
2. Available in three calibrations to accommodate monitors weighing4.4- 8.8lbs , 8.9 - 20lbs , 20 - 33 lbs
3. Material is by High quality Aluminum
4. Built-in cable clips 360 degree swivel 21" extension
5. VESA 75mm or VESA 100mm compatible
6. Accommodates monitors 18" - 28"
7. Integral cable management neatly stores cables

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