What kind of experience can a good monitor stand bring?

Update:Mar 19,2021
Summary:Display stand (especially the third-party gimbal) Many people are talking about height and cervical ...

Display stand (especially the third-party gimbal) Many people are talking about height and cervical spine, but this is actually not the point. I have read too many answers of this kind and feel that it is necessary to correct the misunderstanding. Advanced monitors have their own stand with height adjustment and rotation adjustment functions. DELL's bracket is very well done. The real advantage of the gimbal is the Z axis that many people ignore, that is, the front and rear, and the large-angle pitch, which exceeds 30 degrees. In fact, on a small screen, how small, on a monitor less than 32 inches, the gimbal is useless. But once it reaches 32 or more, and there are more than 40-48 such large monitors, the problem will come. I know that there are widespread rumors in the market that monitors above 32 are not easy to use and cannot be used. This will tell you the importance of the Z axis. 4K monitors above 32 inches, in fact, when viewing web pages, you can’t put it at 100%. 150% is very tired.


It’s best to put it at 200% and put it at a depth of about 80 cm. Why, because you have pixels and no depth. Many people don't understand that our operating system and web pages are designed for graphic design, not for surround view, so they will be blocked. But as soon as there is a huge demand for professional software on the desktop, and when the first viewing angle can be adjusted for FOV FPS games, the advantages of the ultra-large ultra-high-definition display above 32 will be brought into play. At this time, you need a FOV of 105 upwards, and then directly connect the display Bring the face closer, believe me, 105FOV, 4K face face to play Battlefield 1 or Battlefield V, in HDR, it's like VR. What's the distance between the face? About 20 centimeters. Well, here comes the problem, 20 cm, no matter how good the monitor comes with the keyboard directly at the bottom of the stand. Click the mouse. Not to mention that you frequently move a large monitor back and forth on your desk, do you feel comfortable with a thick monitor with partitioned backlight?


Uncomfortable. At this time, Ai Gesheng solved it casually. By the way, you said that if you need a large area of ​​professional software, such as painting software, then the software is still flat, right? In fact, I believe everyone with this kind of professional monitor understands that the distance is about 30 cm, and then the monitor is greatly lowered, and the monitor is placed in a semi-lying state with an inclination of more than 45 degrees, and the problem is solved. Think about it for yourself. In fact, for those who don’t move a bit when you use the monitor, the stand is a decoration. Brackets need ultra-high depth, and a large display with flexible displacement support, they will become an excellent solution. Remember, ultra-high pixels represent pixel redundancy. Redundant pixels mean that the Z-axis must be adjusted to play, and the Z-axis must be adjustable, which means that the third-party gimbal is as simple as that.

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