Why use a monitor stand?

Update:21 May 2021

Many office workers like to look up the computer screen […]

Many office workers like to look up the computer screen, and think this is good for the cervical spine. In fact, ophthalmologists have found through research that looking up at the computer screen for a long time is prone to dry eyes. The incidence of dry eye is close to half in people with myopia and people who have been facing computers for a long time. So, what is the correct posture to look at the computer?
If you don’t want to get dry eyes, and you want to use the computer comfortably, you need to add a monitor stand in your study and work to solve the computer problem, protect your eyes, relieve the pressure on the cervical spine, and make your life more ritual. 

For the company’s top management and designers, with countless materials and a large and heavy base, can you still put down the keyboard, mouse, etc.? Choose a NB desktop monitor stand to liberate your desktop, with a small base cable duct, the desktop is spacious and easier to organize, increasing the use of space.
The display stand is designed on the premise of ergonomics. The so-called ergonomics is essentially to make the use of tools fit the natural shape of the human body as much as possible, so as to minimize the fatigue caused by the use of tools, improve work efficiency, and continue to operate for a long period of time.

Many people of this type of monitor bracket may choose monitor brackets imported from abroad, which also leads to these high-priced imported products often being deified. In fact, the monitor brackets were developed with a certain technical content in the first few years when they were developed, but the time comes. Today, it is just an ordinary 3C accessory for everyone. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a domestic brand, the price of the monitor stand is only a little over 100 yuan, and the price/performance ratio is really high.