Introduction to the relevant knowledge of the monitor stand

Update:17 Sep 2021

With the advent of the information age, computers and t […]

With the advent of the information age, computers and the Internet have almost become an important part of the work and life of people, especially young and middle-aged people. However, "computer diseases" caused by improper use also followed, among which cervical spondylosis is the most common. Mostly manifested as neck stiffness, shoulder and arm pain, numbness of the fingers, dizziness and so on. Mainly due to improper use of the computer, the muscles around the cervical spine are strained and strained, and the cervical intervertebral discs and small joints are degenerated. The monitor stand came into being.

The monitor stand is a product that can fix monitors, notebooks or tablet computers, etc. It can help solve various technical problems that people encounter when operating computers in homes or commercial offices. Its ergonomic design can prevent work fatigue. The health problems that come, improve work efficiency, and bring an ideal space for life and work. Display brackets have been widely used in retail, entertainment, finance, medical, transportation and other fields; products cover single-screen, dual-screen, large-format splicing screens and other categories.
The monitor stand is mainly composed of a cantilever. The "cantilever", as the name suggests, can be stretched freely, just like an arm without restriction. Moreover, it is made of aluminum alloy or carbon steel material, fixed diagonally and firmly, and there are protective devices on all sides of the diagonal clamps. This protective device protects the computer without opening the clamp. Rotate.

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