Is a monitor stand necessary?

Update:Dec 26,2020
Summary:Are you still using a traditional computer dock? The fixed low viewing angle also occupies a lot of ...

Are you still using a traditional computer dock?

The fixed low viewing angle also occupies a lot of desktop space. After working for a day, my eyes are swollen to varying degrees, cervical discomfort, and lower back pain. These may be caused by the poor sitting posture brought by the traditional computer base. Sitting is a whole day, and the physical discomfort worsens. This is also the reason why many people start to use monitor stands. Have you ever used monitor stands? Perhaps the monitor stand has not yet entered the work and life of most people, but its efficacy and philosophy are indeed worthy of everyone to know and understand.
What is a monitor stand?

Let’s take a look at the official definition given by Baidu Encyclopedia. The monitor bracket can help solve various technical problems that people encounter when operating computers in homes or commercial offices. Its ergonomic design can prevent work fatigue. Health problems, improve work efficiency, and bring an ideal space for life and work.

Without discussing the product in detail, people who directly say the effect of the product are all hooligans. I wrote an article on how to choose a monitor stand before, and the netizen summed it up for me in one sentence. As long as it is a single screen, use the NB F100A. It is ok to be optimistic about the monitor size. The eyes of the masses are discerning, what is so good about F100A? Let's give you a detailed introduction.

The main feature of F100A is large-screen support. All display stands weighing less than 12kg can be used. Those who have used F100A should know that the load-bearing capacity was only 9kg in the past. Everyone will ask me, is the monitor size irrelevant? The loading of the monitor stand is mainly based on the bearing weight, and the monitor size is only auxiliary information for everyone to choose.

F100A hardware design features, with the premise that the aluminum arm is dynamically and stably bearing 12kg, it can easily use the functions of up and down, front and back stretching, and screen free rotation that can be easily used by adults. This is the ergonomic design, which always allows you to find a suitable How you use it.

In order to make the screen cater to the line of sight, an adjustable tilt angle mode is also designed to make the cervical spine more comfortable to use. The thoughtful cable harness system also makes the desktop look neater. The most important thing is that the monitor stand occupies a small base, the space under the monitor is perfectly vacant, and the small desktop can be easily stacked.More about:high quality adjustable computer monitor arm

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