The current tripod is not as big and heavy as before

Update:Aug 25,2020
Summary:The current tripod is not as big and heavy as before, it can be done very delicately, but it is not ...

The current tripod is not as big and heavy as before, it can be done very delicately, but it is not uncommon to forget the tripod with the trip, so this article will teach you how to use some small tips to fix the camera and take long exposure photos. Can be handy.
Looking for a place to place the camera

When shooting night scenes, there are two ways to fix the camera. One is to fix the camera with the platform, and the other is to fix the camera with a human hand. The difference between the two methods is that the camera is placed on a fixed platform and is long. The time-exposed night scene can also be as clear and unsharp as a tripod, and the picture taken is blurred due to the jitter problem. Therefore, if there is no tripod, you can only use these two methods to fix the camera for shooting.

There are many ways to fix the camera. Basically, the principle of taking the material locally is to place it on the ground or on the shoulder of the road. The stability is very high. Some of the lenses are long and will be lowered on the ground. You can use the lens cover and put it under the lens.
Is the flat shot too normal? Try using the lens cap to adjust the camera's shooting angle. This method is very suitable for shooting night view buildings. Is the lens cover too high? It doesn't matter, fold the shoulder strap and put it under the lens. It can also be used for the camera. The wallet, business card holder and the like can also be used to pad the camera.

Hand-held martial arts

When the fixed camera is also inflexible, in some harsh environments, there is no platform to place the camera for handheld shooting. At this time, the body can be a simple platform to support the camera.

Ordinary shooting position, normal shooting position
Normal hand-held camera posture is easy to cause jitter. For Parkinson's patients, the normal shooting posture is not very stable to the camera, so it needs to be adjusted to the gripping method that can improve stability. Put computer monitor arm  your left hand on your right shoulder and use your left hand to create a temporary triangular platform. The triangle is the most stable structure, so the camera is placed on the left hand arm, the stability is obviously improved, and then the picture is taken gently.

Left arm platform platform left arm platform
Low-angle photos can also be used to fix the position with the legs, sitting on the ground with the legs crossed, and placing the camera at the intersection of the calves, which can also improve the stability of the camera. With the triangular platform made of the big arm, people will translate back and forth, and the stability of the foot is relatively good. Of course, the handheld night scene is not a substitute for a tripod. Generally, the 1s shutter is already the limit. It is still necessary to use a tripod. Even if there is an anti-shake lens or an anti-shake body, it is difficult to achieve long-time exposure.

Summary of the full text: Using the platform to fix the camera can achieve long-time exposure shooting of more than 1s, but the hand-held is not good, the hand-held flexibility is better, but only 1s shutter can be taken, and the fixed camera can achieve more than 1s when shooting. However, it will be limited by many objective factors, and these two methods can only be urgent.

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