What are the advantages of the adjustable computer monitor arm

Update:Nov 25,2022
Summary:Depending on the size of your monitor, an adjustable computer monitor arm can help you raise it to a...
Depending on the size of your monitor, an adjustable computer monitor arm can help you raise it to a comfortable height and eliminate eye strain. It will also allow you to adjust your monitor's angle and depth so you can work in a more comfortable position. When you're not using the arm, it can be pushed out of the way to free up desk space.
An adjustable computer monitor arm is designed to raise and tilt your screen to a comfortable height. You can find monitor arms that support screens ranging from 13 inches to 32 inches. Some monitor arms have a grommet mount, which allows them to be placed on the desk. Others use a universal mounting system, which eliminates the need to choose between a c-clamp and grommet mount. They are also compatible with the VESA mounting system, which allows them to rotate between portrait and landscape modes for touchscreens.
An adjustable computer monitor arm can adjust its height by a gas-spring mechanism. It can also adjust its angle by tilting its monitor support platform. When you're standing, the arm can tilt backwards, and when you're sitting, it can tilt forward. This allows you to see the cords better and keeps your screen at the length of the arm. It can also be attached to a desk or ceiling. It can also support laptops that are sized to match the arm's dimensions.
A monitor arm is a lightweight, aluminum alloy construction that can be attached to a desk or wall. It typically extends at an angle between 5 and 30 degrees. The arm is also able to swivel back and forth to the user's desired position. You can also attach the arm to the ceiling, which will free up space on the desk. It can also be used to prevent computer vision syndrome, which is a condition wherein you have to hunch over to see your screen.

Adjustable  Computer Monitor Mount for Single LCD Flat Screen

1. Easy to use,free space,more efficiency health work style, comfort to relieve eye neck and strain .
2. Available in three calibrations to accommodate monitors weighing4.4- 8.8lbs , 8.9 - 20lbs , 20 - 33 lbs
3. Material is by High quality Aluminum
4. Built-in cable clips 360 degree swivel 21" extension
5. VESA 75mm or VESA 100mm compatible
6. Accommodates monitors 18" - 28"
7. Integral cable management neatly stores cables

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