What are the benefits of using an adjustable height desk?

Update:11 Jun 2021

If you want to have a standing desk, but you are not su […]

If you want to have a standing desk, but you are not sure whether you want to use it standing up all the time, you must consider this design desk. This table only needs simple adjustments, and it can be adjusted from the height for sitting and standing to the height for standing.
This does not mean that the table is so convenient that you can adjust the height at will every day; but if sometimes you want to stand up and use it, but after a period of time you want to sit down again, this table can satisfy you. This desk is also suitable for a large working environment, where different employees have different working styles and like different desk heights.
Waist and cervical spine diseases have become occupational diseases for white-collar workers who use computers for a long time. In the major IT companies in Silicon Valley in the United States, it is commonplace to work tightly and work overtime.

A new standing desk came into being.  Height Adjustable Office Sit Stand Up Desk is roughly slightly higher than that of a person's waist, while the computer display is raised to the height of the face, allowing the eyes and the screen to maintain parallel viewing angles, effectively reducing the neck damage. Considering that standing for a long time may cause other problems, there are also matching high stools to choose from. Standing desks have gained more and more popularity among companies around Silicon Valley.
In fact, "standing office" first originated in German primary and secondary schools, because students gained too fast weight. In primary and secondary schools in cities such as Hamburg, Germany, students attend classes in dedicated classrooms every day. It is reported that the children in these schools lose an average of about 2 kilograms in weight. Now, the German public sector also advocates "stand-up office."