What are the main advantages of the monitor arm

Update:23 Sep 2021

One of the primary benefits of a LCD monitor arm is its […]

One of the primary benefits of a LCD monitor arm is its versatility and its usefulness when considering the optimal viewing angle. Simply put, many people spend more time than necessary in front of their computers because they are either not comfortable viewing their monitors from a comfortable angle or they are uncomfortable using their computer to view their monitors at a comfortable angle. While an adjustable arm is convenient, the most ideal viewing angle is still with the monitor positioned at eye level, so that you can have both eyes open while you are working, even if your monitors are placed at an awkward angle. With a single monitor arm extension, you can easily change the viewing angle while keeping your hands free for other uses, saving precious desk space.

A big bonus of this type of arm extension is the fact that it offers a fully customizable viewing angle, with a full 360 degree swivel and fully adjustable arm height. There is also a full 360 degree swivel, but the arm is not as wide, making it more difficult to set up for optimum comfort and viewing angle. Both types offer a durable solution that will last over the years, and come in different materials that will also last through years of heavy use. These arms can be made of plastic, stainless steel or leather, and offer some of the best options when it comes to ergonomic viewing angle settings.

The third option is a spring arm mount. This is the most popular mount among those who use computer monitors for home use, since it is both versatile and simple to use. A spring arm mount allows you to adjust the screen and the arm, which keeps the monitors up off the desk while also allowing for easy access. They can also be used for heavier computers, while the arms are not as wide, and are designed more for a comfortable and stable fit.

One important thing to note about monitor arms is that they do not offer the same stability and versatility as monitor stands. Stand mounting allows you to position the monitors at several angles, and is far more stable, offering the advantage of a tilted and hinged monitor arm. If you are going to be using monitors in a crowded room, desk top mounts may work better, though you will miss out on the optimal angles and positioning that desk tops offer. Arm mounts are the best option if you want the most versatility and ease of use.

Dual monitor stands are the fourth choice, and are usually best for those who use two or more monitors. These options usually offer a tilting and pivot base, as well as an arm, or two arms. Most have some type of tilting mechanism, with a built in mechanism for tilting at different angles, and a built in mechanism for pivot. Grommet base mounting offers easy assembly, and offers the least amount of versatility, but offers the most stability.