What are the types of laptop brackets

Update:25 Oct 2021

Laptops have brought great convenience to our lives, bu […]

Laptops have brought great convenience to our lives, but long-term use of laptops will be very uncomfortable, and it is also easy to cause some diseases, so for friends who use laptops for office or leisure for a long time, buying a laptop stand is Very useful, there are many types of laptop holders, the common ones are the following:
1. Auxiliary cooling notebook stand
This kind of bracket is very common, the price is also cheap, generally you can buy it for tens of yuan, with lifting function and fan cooling function; but its heat dissipation can only reduce the external temperature of the notebook, and the noise is large, you usually only use it when you use it The bracket function is sufficient.
2. Rotating and elevating the computer stand
This kind of bracket is purely for heightening function, which can increase the height of the screen and improve the sitting posture. Because of the single function, the material is not bad, most of which are made of aluminum alloy, and the material is relatively solid. Be careful with this kind of computer stand. It is recommended to use an external keyboard after it is raised, otherwise it may affect the input experience.
3. Notebook + monitor combination bracket
Some users use laptops for work, but need to use large-screen monitors, so their computer usage is a combination of laptops and monitors. There is a special stand on the market that can be raised and lowered freely. It can be satisfied in all directions, and there are more A display screen is very suitable for such users. For this kind of computer stand, pay attention to the applicable models of the combined stand.
4. Floor stand for watching movie artifact
The floor stand is actually more like an entertainment product. It is suitable for use when watching movies on the bed or sofa. The height and angle of use can be adjusted arbitrarily. Of course, it can also be used as a simple laptop stand.
5. Sit and stand alternate workbenches
This workbench is not only a laptop stand, but also supports more devices, such as monitors, etc. It is characterized by vertical lifting, and the minimum height and maximum height are between 150mm and 500mm, which fully meets the sitting and standing postures. In addition, there are The included keyboard tray is fully functional, so you don’t need to worry about the inconvenience of input, but the price is more expensive, generally more than 1,000 yuan.