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Update:Dec 02,2022
Summary:Having a monitor bracket helps you achieve a more ergonomic workstation by allowing you to adjust yo...
Having a monitor bracket helps you achieve a more ergonomic workstation by allowing you to adjust your monitor's height and angle. Using a monitor bracket is an excellent way to improve comfort and productivity, as well as to save space. There are several types of monitor brackets to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.
The most common type of monitor bracket is a clamp stand. This type of stand is a sturdy, heavy duty metal base that secures the monitor to the desk. The stand is designed to be height adjustable and folds up to the back of the desk when not in use. However, this type of stand is not recommended for monitors larger than 24 inches. A better alternative is to use a single post mount that does not require extensions.
Another type of monitor mount is the monitor arm. This type of monitor arm is also designed to clamp to the back of the desk, but it allows the user to move the computer screen from side to side. In addition, the monitor arm has a specific weight capacity. It is important to choose a monitor arm that is VESA compliant, so it will fit your monitor and be compatible with other monitor mounts. The weight of the monitor determines its weight capacity, which is important when choosing a monitor arm.
Some monitor arm mounts use a universal mounting system, which means that you can use them with all monitors that are VESA compatible. You do need to keep in mind that some monitors come with four mounting holes on their backs. If you use a monitor mount that is designed to fit screens with more than one mounting hole, you will need to use screen manufacturer screws instead of the bracket screws.
Using a monitor arm mount is not only a comfortable way to use your computer, but it is also a good idea for your health. When you stare at a screen for hours at a time, it can wear on your eyes and cause chronic eye strain. It is also important to make sure your monitor is tilted away from you. A good monitor arm should have adequate extension arms for your monitor, as well as an adjustable height, angle, and corner placement.

Gas spring monitor bracket

1.Monitor size : 18’’--28’’
2.Vesa mount 75& 100mm
3.Vesa mount rotation 270 degree
4.Tube height : 450mm
5.Clamp mount & grommet mount (through mounting)
6.Capacity : 10kgs
7.Tilt :-90 ~ +90 degree
8.Materia: High quality aluminum
9.Finish : powder coating

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