What is a fitness office bicycle?

Update:04 Jun 2021

This fitness table is composed of a table top and a bic […]

This fitness table is composed of a table top and a bicycle. Fitness office exercise bike cycle top is 50.8×58.4 cm in size and weighs about 136 kg. It can be moved back and forth and has a built-in LCD display. The height adjustment range of the bicycle seat is about 73.7 cm to 94 cm, including an adjustable cup holder and eight power gear positions.
Many recent studies have shown that compared to sitting, standing does not bring much benefit to the human body. "Experts recommend integrating exercise into daily life. Therefore, this desk is not just a combination of sit-stand, but sit-stand-move Trinity".

This fitness table requires users to ride for 10 to 12 minutes per hour, which is more practical than a treadmill desk and allows users to exercise efficiently. "Riding can increase the blood flow to the brain, thereby stimulating creativity and improving work efficiency", but this kind of riding is not a strenuous exercise, but just makes the user active.
The touch sensors on both sides of the desktop can detect the user's heart rate and connect to the supporting mobile phone software via Bluetooth to display data such as heart rate, calorie consumption, and riding distance. These data can also be viewed on the LCD monitor on the desktop.
Of course, if you feel that it will be difficult to concentrate while working while riding a bicycle, you can consider using it at a more leisure time such as playing games or watching videos. At least it can be less guilty for entertainment.