Why the monitor support arm is important

Update:08 Oct 2021

If we cannot adjust the monitor, we will adjust our pos […]

If we cannot adjust the monitor, we will adjust our posture according to the position of the screen. We hunched over. We craned our necks. In work that often uses computers, we will do this for a long time. This can cause eye, neck, and back strain, which can lead to musculoskeletal diseases, vacations, and ultimately a decrease in work efficiency.
The adjustable display support arm eliminates these problems. If a person can adjust the height, distance and angle of their display, it means they can adjust their technical equipment to their unique requirements. So as to avoid the occurrence of strain on the eyes, neck and back.
In order to reduce the effects of musculoskeletal injuries and sedentary behavior, it is very important to use ergonomic furniture and take health measures. As individuals and companies begin to adopt new ways of working and furniture solutions, such as sit-stand desks, the connection between people and technology can easily be forgotten.