How to solve the broken monitor stand

Update:Mar 12,2021
Summary:The monitor bracket is broken. When you hear that the monitor bracket is broken, most people will th...

The monitor bracket is broken. When you hear that the monitor bracket is broken, most people will think that the computer bracket is broken. This time the answer is correct. It is generally applicable to desktop computers, which are commonly used computers in the office. If the monitor bracket is broken, what should be done. As the saying goes, only by knowing the information of the monitor bracket can we find the reason for the broken monitor bracket, and then we can repair it. Different groups have different attitudes towards the broken monitor bracket, and then you can draw conclusions after you finish reading it.

1. Introduction to the monitor stand
1. The monitor stand can help solve various technical problems that people encounter when operating computers in homes or commercial offices.
2. Its ergonomic design can prevent health problems caused by work fatigue, improve work efficiency, and bring an ideal space for life and work.
3. Display brackets have been widely used in retail, entertainment, finance, medical, transportation and other fields. The products cover single-screen, dual-screen, large-format splicing screens and other categories.

Two, the repair method of the monitor bracket is broken
1. The monitor bracket is broken-the bracket screw hole is slippery
(1) During use, I feel that the TV display screen is a bit wrong. After inspection, it is found that the direct screw hole is abnormal. When I move it lightly, the display falls off. Obviously it is no longer usable. If you are not in a hurry, you can find one on Taobao. Model.

(2) You can also find professional personnel for repairs. Generally, this place is easy to break. Whether to replace or repair it depends on your own status. Generally, it costs about 50 yuan.

(3) If you have a tool, you can use an electric soldering iron to burn through the back of the 3 sliding wire holes, and then find 3 long screws, put it in and fix it, and it can be done in five minutes before and after.

2. The monitor stand is broken-repair method for broken
(1) For example, if you move the computer, you accidentally step on the monitor stand, or the main fixed position is damaged. There is no good solution to this situation. There is only one way, that is, to buy a new one.

(2) If you are busy and need to use it urgently, you can buy one directly at a specialty store, usually about 100 yuan; if you are not in a hurry, you will not waste a lot of time by shopping for one on Taobao.

(3) When installing the monitor stand, it depends on the structure of the notebook. If the screen cable interface is on the shaft, remove the screen module, disassemble and replace it; if the result is complicated, the whole machine needs to be disassembled, and it is recommended to send it for after-sales replacement. Right.
Broken monitor bracket is a small problem. Its importance depends on whether you need to use it. If you don’t need it, you can fix it slowly. If you are in a hurry, go directly to the specialty store, buy one, and let The boss will help you change it, and it can be done in half an hour without delaying your time. If the monitor bracket is broken, you can repair and replace it according to the actual situation. If you don't need to break it, throw it away, and develop the habit of saving resources.

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