Fully Adjustable Premium Single LCD Monitor Arm Desk Mount Custom

Fully Adjustable Premium Single LCD Monitor Arm Desk Mount

Fully Adjustable Premium Single LCD Monitor Arm Desk Mount

1. LCD size: 18"-28"

2.VESA: 75/100mm

3.Max loading: 4.5-17.5 lbs , 17.5-35 lbs

4.Tilt: ±45°

5.Rotation: ±180°(left & right)

6.Pivot: 360° (desk, arm, display)

7.up&down range: 30cm

8.warranty : 2years

9.Tube’s height can adjust according customer’s requirement

10.Aluminum : High quality aluminum


This single arm computer monitor mount offers an attractive way to display one monitor while saving the most amount of desk space. The Arm easily adjust, allowing you to work in a more comfortable, ergonomically correct position. Staring at a computer screen that's not eye level can cause neck and eye strain, as well as painful back problems.


Advantages :

1: Save space ,save time and Each arm is fully and independently adjustable for a more customizable workspace .Monitors move easily from portrait to landscape,and any jaunty angle in between .

2: Customisable add -ons include clamp ,bolt -through ,universal slatwall ,and wall stud mounting options ,as well as an optional notebook holders .


Features :

Easy to move the monitor to your desired position.

Quick and simple installation.

Broad Range of Flexibility.

Mounting solutions available include: Clamp, Grommet, and Stand type

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