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Update:Apr 02,2022
Summary:A gas spring is an accessory that can function as support, buffering, braking, height adjustment, an...
A gas spring is an accessory that can function as support, buffering, braking, height adjustment, and angle adjustment. At present, the product has been widely used in medical equipment, automobiles, furniture, textile equipment, processing industries, and other fields. According to different characteristics and application fields, gas springs are also called support rods, angle adjusters, gas pressure rods, dampers, etc. The basic principle of gas springs is to press inert gas and oil, or oil-air mixture into a closed cavity. . According to the structure and function of the gas spring, there are mainly free gas springs, self-locking gas springs, random stop gas springs, traction gas springs, and dampers.
1. Free-type gas spring (support rod) is the most widely used gas spring. It mainly plays a supporting role, with only the shortest and longest positions, and cannot stop by itself during the stroke. It is the most widely used in automobile, textile machinery, printing equipment, office equipment, construction machinery, and other industries.
2. Self-locking gas springs (recliners, air pressure rods) are most widely used in medical equipment, seats, and other products. This gas spring can be stopped at any position in the stroke with the help of some release mechanisms and has a large locking force after stopping (can reach more than 5000N).
3. Free stop gas spring (friction gas spring) is mainly used in kitchen furniture, medical equipment, and other fields. Its characteristics are between free-type gas springs and self-locking gas springs: it can stop anywhere in the stroke without any external structure, but there is no additional locking force
4. The damper is used more in automobiles and medical equipment, and its characteristic is that the resistance changes with the speed of operation. It can significantly dampen the speed of the connection mechanism. The damper is mainly used for buffering, and its biggest feature is that the force of the gas spring changes with the change of the movement speed. When the action point of the force guiding the gas spring moves relatively fast, the resistance of the spring increases significantly, while when the action point moves slowly, there is almost no resistance. Dampers are mainly used in washing machines, refrigerators, and other industries. In addition, there are ordinary steel gas springs and stainless steel gas springs in terms of materials. The amount of ordinary steel gas springs is the largest, and stainless steel gas springs are mostly used in places with harsh environmental requirements, such as food machinery, medical equipment, military industry, high-temperature characteristics, and applications.
5. The traction gas spring is a special gas spring: other gas springs are in the longest position when they are in a free state, that is, they move from the longest position to the shortest position after being subjected to external force, while the traction gas spring is in the longest position. The free state of the type gas spring is at the shortest position, and it runs from the shortest position to the longest position when being pulled. There are also corresponding free type and self-locking types in the traction gas spring.

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